Hieronymus Brunschwig (c. 1450-1513): his life and contributions to surgery

Introduction: The objective of this paper to offer an overview of the life and contributions of Hieronymus Brunschwig (also known as Jerome of Brunswick), a German surgeon of the fifteenth century, whose works have provided insight into the practice of surgery during his lifetime.

Conclusions: There is disagreement among academics about certain biographical details of Hieronymus Brunschwig's life. Regardless, Brunschwig's productivity as an author distinguishes him as a scholar in the field of surgery among the community of German surgeons in the fifteenth century. His work offers important information about the practice of surgery in fifteenth-century Germany. Certainly, Brunschwig took advantage of the recently invented printing press to gain a wider sphere of influence and was the first to make use of Italian and French surgical sources. Lastly and as evident by his text, Brunschwig practised cranial surgery.

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