Extradural Clinoidectomy, Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma

Left craniotomy. Posterior lateral orbitotomy. Extradural anterior clinoidectomy. For meningioma surgery involving the optic nerve in the area of ​​the tubercle of the sella


This surgery was performed on the brain of a 39-year-old patient who was referred with blindness in the left eye. The MRI test shows the presence of a 15 mm tumor in the region of  the tubercle sella of the brain, which is close to the optic nerve. In this surgery, after splitting the left side of the skull, the entire tumor was removed from the brain slowly and with special delicacy so as not to damage the optic nerve and the olfactory nerve. The patient's vision returned immediately after surgery.

A Swiss research group also   confirmed the correctness of this division for the surgery of such a tumor after conducting the necessary investigations