Craniotomy for Resection of Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma

Craniotomy to remove tubercle sella meningioma along with extradural anterior clinoidectomy and intradural optic nerve decompression


Surgery was performed on the brain of a 51-year-old patient who came with headache and blindness in the left eye. The MRI test shows the presence of a tumor in the tubercle of the sella at the base of the skull, which is most likely a meningioma tumor. First, the skull is removed as a layer on the brain to allow access to the brain. In the next step, the eye nerve should be moved so that it does not notice the pressure when the tumor is removed. After preparing the conditions for removing the tumor, first stop the bleeding and then the tumor is slowly drained from the side of the eye nerve. The patient regained his vision after the surgery.